CNC cutting machine MG 12001.25 PrKg

CNC cutting machine MG 12001.25 PrKg
Main advantages of the MG machine:
  • the high quality of the racks used ensuring the high accuracy of absolute positioning and repeated positioning
  • the high dynamics and speed of movement thanks to the linear guides in the X and Y axis and the floating pinion system
  • sharp angles and corners, as well as precise preservation of the contours of the cut parts
  • CNC control system with simple operation as a guarantee of quick operator training
  • Plasma ROTATOR - a bevel cutting head; it is an extremely powerful edge beveling technology
Working area: 12 800 mm x 2 650 mm
Maximum thickness of the material for cutting:
  • by an oxygen-acetylene torch up to 200 mm
  • by a plasma beam:
    • up to 50 mm for vertical cutting (blind cut)
    • up to 25 mm when the torch is tilted up to 50˚
    • up to 35 mm when the torch is tilted up to 25˚
Bidirectional positioning accuracy: 0,05 mm
Dimensional tolerance of cut parts: according to STN EN ISO 9013,
vertical cutting - class 1, angle cutting - class 2
Perpendicularity tolerance for perpendicular cutting: STN EN ISO 9013 –class 4
Material suitable for plasma cutting: Almost all fusible, electrically conductive metals, such as non-alloy and low-alloy steels, nickel-based materials, copper alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys and others.
Plasma source: HiFocus 440i neo 10 - 440 A