Machinery & Equipment


Sheet steel forming

Separation of the steel sheets

3D measurement


Our welders have certificates - welding licenses according to STN EN ISO 9606-1 and are trained regularly at specified intervals.

In our company we use the following welding methods:

  • 311 - oxyacetylene welding (G),
  • 111 - shielded metal arc welding (E),
  • 135 - gas metal arc welding - metal active gas (MAG),
  • 141 - tungsten inert gas welding (WIG, TIG)

We also perform non-destructive testing of welds according to STN EN ISO 9712:

  • PT2 penetrant testing
  • VT2 visual inspections
  • UTT, UT2 ultrasonic testing
  • RT2 radiographic testing