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We offer comprehensive services in machine engineering and metal processing, i.e. locksmith work, machining of metals and the manufacture of welded parts for external customers according to the technical documentation. Our engineering program also includes the production of steel structures for industry and construction, such as supporting structures of different facilities, platforms, walkways and other locksmithing features. Equipment of the workshops and halls enables producing complex and heavy structures up to 200 tons.

The production area of over 10,000 square meters, which is equipped with overhead 40T cranes, ensures sufficient production capacity.UNIMONT-VMS processes around 250 tons of metallurgical materials per month; from these, it manufactures various steel structures, weldments and tanks, but also the technology portions of the machinery and equipment.

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Steel Structures

Steel Structures

UNIMONT-VMS delivers steel structures to different vendors and industries. Steel structures made of weldments and treated with protective coatings are usually used as supporting structures of production and storage halls, the railway and highway bridges, facilities or walkways.

Steel structures are widely used and require good locksmith and welding skills.

Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

In terms of the metallurgical industry, we supply equipment mainly to U.S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o., which is the largest enterprise in the field of metallurgy in the region. Our portfolio contains, however, also other metallurgical companies. In addition, we provide service and maintenance of the equipment intended for the metallurgical industry.

Our products in metallurgy: Steel tanks; Gas holders and collectors; Exhaust hoods and ducts; Compensators; Pressure vessels; HVAV; Steel structures; Frames for cars transporting ladles containing pig iron; Gas treatment facilities.

Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Facilities that increase the efficiency of transportation of energy resources, thus minimizing any losses in transit, are important for the energy industry. Facilities are processed in the engineering production.

We supply mostly the following to the energy industry: Steel pipes and various fittings; Steel silos and various containers; Tanks; Fabric and electric filters for equipment dedusting; Steel structures.

vyroba strojarensky priemysel

Engineering Industry

Engineering industry makes extensive use of the equipment manufactured by locksmith and welding; therefore, a large share of our customers comes just from this industry. UNIMONT-VMS supplies the engineering industry also with prefabricated buildings for industrial production.

We produce for the engineering companies most often the following: Dump containers; Tanks and containers with hydraulic tipping; Steel structures; Steel silos and various containers; HVAC.

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Mining Industry

The mining industry is a sector, where safety is very important, especially when devices are used under the ground. It is, therefore, necessary to mind the quality in the production of steel structures, weldments, and equipment, and in the locksmith and welding works.

We supply mostly the following to the mining industry: Steel silos and various containers; Steel structures; Material crushers; Material screens.

Surface Finish

Surface Finish

We provide pre- and post-installation surface finish, particularly by the following techniques:

  • Blasting - A surface cleaning technology resulting in a matte finish that can be machined by applying other techniques, with subsequent application of protective layers;
  • Painting - Paint spraying;
  • Powder coating - Spraying of the powder paint in an electrostatic field, ensuring excellent paint adhesion;
  • Galvanizing - Electrolytic deposition forming a protective layer of zinc on the metallic materials, which also looks very aesthetically;
  • Hot dip galvanizing - A relatively new technology uniformly applying an even and durable layer of zinc also on the places of facilities made of steel and other metals that are difficult to access to.

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